Fragrant Harbour Soundsystem

The Hong Kong based Fragrant Harbour Soundsystem have launched their eponym label in early 2014 along with the sub-label “Homesick”. Since then the team have worked closely with artists such as Borrowed Identity, Marquis Hawkes, General Ludd, Renart and Fulbert to release acclaimed and actively sought after records.

More than just label curators, they are also known for their experiences as DJ, having thrown memorable parties all around Asia with the like of Borrowed Identity, San Soda, Renart, Andy Hart, Fantastic Man, Bicep, S3A, Francis Inferno Orchestra, ND_Baumecker, Rahaan, Giegling, Telephones and many more.

Acute selectors, Fragrant Harbour Soundsystem are truly the stereotype of music junkie spending an insane amount of time between discogs / Bandcamps / Soundcloud / looking for gems and the studio trying to create one. The different backgrounds and musical sensibilities allows the team to propose DJ sets that goes way beyond genres.

One or two persons flying from Hong Kong, Fore more info and for Middle East/Asia booking, please directly contact us.