Very few DJs can assume the dual titles of party rocker and music aficionado alike. Graz is certainly one of them.

Graz grew up in Byron Bay working at the local record store. Here his weekends were spent recommending music to locals. Little did Graz know, that this is habit-forming behavior. Fast forward to 2012 and Graz is now an assumed part of DJ culture, as well as a relied upon sound curator.

Being a successful eclectic DJ is damn hard work. It requires a borderline crazy enthusiasm for collecting music and a flair for programming. As a DJ, Graz thrives on the spontaneous. Often you will catch him grinning ear to ear, as the crowd suddenly notice the strange place his selection has taken them.

Graz has worked for prestige fashion clients like Louis Vuitton & Stella Mc Cartney, set the stage for legends like Prince, spun at festivals such as the Big Day Out & splendor and rocked every disco den worth sweating at.