Originally from Osaka Japan, influence by HipHop and R&B music since young age of 15, same year Hitomi got her first turntable, since then she started spinning in at local bars and night clubs. After developing her own style eventually moved on to weekends in some of Osaka’s bigger night clubs such as Azure, Grand Cafe and Candy. In 2009 Hitomi moved to Toronto to follow her music passion.

In Toronto, Hitomi had chances to meet many great DJs from different fields. She has gained the knowledge of variety of music and her mixing style continued to evolve and eventually she shifted her playlists into funky house / electro house / nu disco. influenced by the producers such as Daft Punk,ToddTerje, Disclosure etc. And her skill and talents on the turntable along with
her music selection has been noticed by many.

Hitomi is currently active in Hong Kong, and keep spinning the best music for different party’s and events, clubs and lounges such as Zuma,Tazmania Ballroom, Sugar, Honi Honi just to name a few. Her hard work and her music make her one of the best female DJ in town.