La Dame Noir

La dame Noir is formerly a label, a bar, a club (“La dame Noir Dancing”) and some in-house producers based in Marseille and mainly concerned by dark disco.

Dark disco can be described as a close encounter between shiny nu-disco, slow haunted house music with a few hints of new wave. Because of this duality, La dame Noir Records likes to go crepuscular and to release music for a sunset on a far away beach OR beats for the darkest hours of your local dance floor. LdN Records has been blending original material by stylish new comers like Did Virgo, Johnson or Amevicious & confirmed international artists like Pete Herbert & Danton Eeprom, Dicky Trisco or Tim Paris….

Sir Andrew Weatherall compiled a track from LdN Rds in his 3cds compilation “The Masterpiece”, Dixon recently podcasted another track from the label, and djs like Laurent Garnier, Tiga or Bill Brewster are showing loads of support to La dame Noir Rds. Strong medias like New YorK Times, Dj Mag UK, Vice, XLR8R, Ransome Note, Radio Nova or BBC 6 are all providing an important regular coverage.

The new La dame Noir Compilation (“Liste Noir #2”) will be released on 22nd June, it will features the LdN regular producers team and tunes by the likes of
Duncan Gray, Thomass Jackson or Undo, The “Liste Noir #1” has been last year best seller (as an independent label compilation) in the parisiantrendsetter famous concept store: “Chez Colette”.

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