Romi B


DJ Producer based in Hong Kong

House, Techno, Ambient, Electronica, Deep.

Started Djing in the mid to late 90s, travelling around Asia, before he moved to Hong Kong in 2005. Influenced by various genres of music from his early days of Rave culture, may it be anything; he loves to dive in deep. With over 16 years experience in the electronic music scene, his DJ set can be described as a deep sea dive into a colorful abyss that nobody knew existed.

Specialising in a breed of House and Techno that is simultaneously diverse and consistently directed at generating a very specific atmosphere, Romi has made a name for himself in Hong Kong and the broader East Asian region, and the title of resident at HK’s only underground club – OMA , creating unadulterated electronic rhythm and flow that will be hard to escape.

Romi B has played played with DBX (Daniel Bell), Axel Boman, Oskar Offermann, DJ Chida (Ene Records Tokyo), Tiago (ENE, interzona13 Lux Fragile), Atjazz, Mark Farina, Pete Gooding, Chris Coco, Copyright, John Morales, Joey Negro, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Shonky (Apollonia) and many more.

Played at Yumla, Midnight & Co., Oma, Mitte, Bassment , Honi Honi, Homebase, Gecko,  Ozone, Woobar, Zuma, Drop, Volar, The Observatory & More.