Bergen-Rimini-Chicago-Honolulu-Detroit-Jupiter-Manchester is a rough cut of the sonic map on which Telephones travels. As a DJ and producer norwegian Telephones has steadily gained a reputation for his eclectic curveball-mix of house, cosmic, disco and balearic tutti-frutti, paying less attention to genres and more to the vibe.

He has released a sparse, but highly sought after discography on quality underground-lables like Sex Tags UFO, Full Pupp, Love On The Rocks and Running Back. With a strict focus on quality over quantity, Telephones’ discography up untill now may be sparse, but he is far from a rookie, starting with primitive PC-software in the late 90s and 15 years of experience behind the wheels of steel – debuting in Bergen at the turn of the millenium as an underage, being snuck into clubs and put behind decks by Mikal Telle, DJ Urv and the local scene around Tellé Records.

In his productions as well as DJ-sets, he ventures in the twilight between organic-equatorial heat and scandinavian-synthetic cold, spinning anything from rough chicago-tracks to fluffy italo-disco, balearic proto-house, discokraut-gymnastics and tropical techno – from the polar circle to dephts of Africa.

The last years has seen him DJ’ing all over Europe and producing several acclaimed releases, his biggest so far being “The Ocean Called EP” on Running Back, on which he will release his debut LP in 2015, plus a handfull of upcoming 12″s, remixes and collaborative projects.

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(Credits photos by Maximillian Becker)