Cliché Asia Present: Equation 2017

To explain the origins of Equation, one needs to go back to the very beginning. Cliché started out in a Hong Kong basement with only one goal: to round up all the island’s music lovers once a month. Every event held during the first two years has helped the team bond together and create its own identity, all following one common principle: to gather.

Whether we hosted parties in dusty basements, on boats, in clubs or at festivals – our main focus has always been to infuse our events with a special vibe, some kind of genuinely deep connection between ourselves, our guests DJs and the people on the dancefloor.

In what has become each year’s highlight, our birthday celebrations in April aim to bring together all of our friends from both Asia and Europe at once. These past five years have shown that in many places around Asia you will find a similar team of people just as solid, who are trying to do the exact same thing for their own local scene. Whether it be The Observatory in Saigon, Mystik in Seoul, Shanghai’s Elevator or Smoke Machine / Bass Kitchen for Taipei – they all represent everything we love about music.

We feel that now the time is ripe to push things even further, spreading our common philosophy in gatherings across the region. Each of these crews who we’ve met over the last five years means a lot to us, which is why we have decided to finally invite all of them together!

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Artists Invited:
Agata, Al Burro, Alex From Tokyo, Andy Hart, Antwork, ATEQ, Bézier, Boogie G, Borrowed Identity, Dan Lo, Diskonnected, DJ Dustin, Graz, Hibiya Line, Kreshik, Maggie G, Magico., Mau Mau, Mikail, Miya, Nic Ford, NK Chan, Ouissam, Oskar Offermann, Phred, Quan, Raz, Rifain, San Soda, S.O.N.S, Shlømo, Slowz, Sunsiaré, Taku Hirayama, Telephones, Tre Turner, TrungD, Yoshi Nori